Wednesday, March 24

1952 First Recorded Shark Attack in California History

The reason why this is the first recorded shark attack in California history is because there were a lot of eyewitnesses at the time of the attack that happened on the afternoon of December 7, 1952.

Victim was Barry Wilson, a 17-year old tuba player who was killed while swimming with a friend about 40 feet from the shore of the Pacific Ocean, near Lover's Point in Pacific Grove, California. Eyewitness accounts tells us that Wilson was seen swimming and then was jerked suddenly and unnaturally from side-to-side. His first reaction was to scream to draw attention to himself which was noticed next by close friend Brookner Brady.

Witnesses reported seeing the shark attack Wilson from the front, completely lifting the victim from the water to his knees, dragged down the depths and after a while reappearing on the surface pool of blood, screaming and flailing his arms. His friend Brady and four members of the Monterey Peninsula Sea Otters Club swam to his aid.

He died by the time they reached to shore with wounds to his left leg, right thigh, back and buttocks; revealing a severed femoral artery. The Monterey Peninsula Herald reported that the 15 feet attacker was a great white shark.

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