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Kite Surfer Killed by Shark Attack in Stuart Beach, Florida

February 3, 2010 -- Stephen Schafer, 38, a kite surfer was attacked by not one but several sharks off Stuart Beach Florida. The man was pronounced dead at the Martin Memorial Medical Center. It was late Wednesday afternoon the lifeguard on duty noticed a man in distress was trying to float a quarter a mile offshore in an unguarded area, the lifeguard entered the waters and found a number of sharks in the water, with the victim bitten several times. They pulled him offshore and tried to resuscitate him, but the victim did not survive.

It was suspected that young great white sharks are the ones responsible for this attack as reports were found that sharks were spotted off Palm Beach the next day after Stephen Schafer was attacked.

According to county, police attacks were reported from time to time, but no shark attack casualty. This is the most recent shark attack in Florida, with the last reported attack noted five years ago in 2005 when a 14 year-old girl was killed

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