Saturday, April 3

Spectacular Images of the most feared sea animal

Taken in low lighting conditions. This picture showed the highest height a shark can speed up to reach the sea surface in order to catch it's prey.

Taken during the baiting of the migration of millions of pilchards (Sardinops ocellatus) being chased by dolphins.

Copper sharks cruise slowly under thousands of Cape gannets (Marus capensis). The copper sharks are mostly seen as laid back, but since they've already fed from these thousands of fishes, it seems that they are less dangerous for now.

A sandtiger shark or raggie (Carcharias taurus) as they are known locally, is seen here feeding on a reef fish at night. These sharks are popular with divers as, while they look menacing, they are relatively safe during the day.

A close up look at Barbara-Anne. A four-meter (13-foot) tiger shark so close to the camera that it would be so easy to touch the animal. The animal swam around the photographer, biting the camera and bumping into him.

Picture of Barbara-Anne with the photographer who took the close-up picture above.

Blue sharks (Prionace glauca), is shown here with their distinctive torpedo-like snouts. They are amazingly supple creatures, they can bend and twist-- a useful skill when catching fish. Blue sharks are beautifully colored: deep indigo on top with white sides and belly. This blue shark was accompanied by a pilot fish that spent its tim trying desperately to keep up with its fast and agile host.

Mako sharks (Isurus oxyrinchus) are very fast.

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