* Getting the word out!
     Tell your family and friends about sharks conservation, about Dino Abbruzzese Shark Attack Blog and its purpose for the protection of sharks

* Support the work of shark organizations

* Refuse to buy any shark products - shark fin soup, shark steaks, food preparations made of shark cartilage, shark cartilage is sold as a food supplement which has actually no known proven medical benefits.

 Sharkfin SoupFinningFinning

Cartilage and Cartilage Preparations
Cartilage and Cartilage PreparationsCartilage and Cartilage PreparationsCartilage and Cartilage Preparations

* Refuse to support an industry that kills millions of sharks each year (list to follow)

* When planning vacations, avoid going near the ocean where fishing excursions are aimed at catching sharks

* Research! Knowledge is power.